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Baby Christening Gown Hand Embroidered

£94.50   £84.50

Lace Bib Baby Christening Gown

£74.95   £67.50

Baby Christening Gown  Lace Bodice

£74.95   £61.50

Ruffle Sleeve Baby Christening Gown

£74.95   £61.50

White Christening Baby Blanket Hand Embroidered

£95.95   £44.50


Polly Polka Dot Matching Sisters Dresses

£57.95   £38.50

Lace Baby Christening Outfit Hand Embroidered


White Cotton Baby Girl Rompers Hand Embroidered and  Lace Trims

£44.95   £31.50

Baby Girl White Frilly Knickers


Cotton Baby Christening Bonnet


Full Handmade Lace Baby Bib


Ruffle Handmade Lace Girls Frilly Knickers


Lace Baby Christening Bonnet Fully Handmade


Pink Lace Baby Christening Booties


Sky Blue Lace Baby Booties


White Lace Christening Booties - Handmade


Lace Baby Door Stopper 



Page 1 of 1:    25 Items

Baby Christening Gowns and Baby Christening Bonnets


Our lacemakers are mothers and grandmothers, so they have a very good understanding of the motherhood universe. Supported by decades of experience making lace and delicate baby clothing items, your little one(s) will certainly take advantage of Josephina Lace’s fairy-like handmade lace baby clothes and accessories.


In addition to the stunning intricate lace patterns, almost ALL our clothing items are made of 100% cotton which, besides being safe and gentle on your baby’s skin, are also durable. Many of these items will make lovely family heirlooms! 


On Josephina Lace's website you can find anything which can be made with needles (and love and patience!), be it for yourself or your home, but, especially, for your little one(s). Name it and you'll find it on our website. But even if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can get in touch with us and have your item designed and made for you. 

Here are some of the handmade lace (or adorned with handmade lace) items for babies which you will find on our website: Baby Christening Gown, Baby Christening Bonnet, Lace Baby Christening Booties, White Quilted Baby Blanket Hand Embroidered, Lace Baby Christening Outfit Hand Embroidered, Baby Girl White Frilly Knickers, Cotton Baby Burp Cloths with Lace Trims & Lace Baby Bibs, Hand Embroidered  Christening Girl Dress, Baby Frilly Knickers White, just to name a few.


Our White Cotton Baby Burp Cloths, for example, are especially fluffy and snuggly, made of 100% cotton, of course, and come adorned with white lace and white hand embroidery, or adorned with pink lace and pink hand embroidery. They are very beautiful and delicate. Your baby will love them!