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Bespoke Handmade Lace Wedding Dresses

Life may not be perfect on a daily basis, but your wedding day is not an ordinary day! It is the most special day of your life. It will be recorded in beautiful photographs full of smiling faces, and in stories that will be told to your daughters and granddaughters. And there is one unforgettable "character" in the midst of all this joy and celebration, a character so brilliant and enchanting that it almost obscures the bride: the bride's dress! It is the star of the day and has the ability to empower the bride and make her the most beautiful and confident woman on earth.


The Dresses

For twelve years, with love, patience, and skill, our lacemakers have been helping brides from all over Brazil (and some abroad) to feel beautiful and fulfill their dreams of wearing the perfect dress on the most special day of their lives: their wedding day.


Brides in the UK and Europe now also have the opportunity to luxuriate in our beautiful handmade and bespoke wedding dresses. All you have to do is contact us well in advance so we can discuss your requirements in detail. Ten to fifteen lacemakers take at least four months to make the lace for a fully handmade wedding dress, so the sooner they start the better. With all the preparations and so many things to get anxious about, we will do our best to help you on the gowns department! We specialise in handmade lace dresses for brides, female guests, flower girls, mother of the bride and of the groom, and bridesmaids. We also create accessories, such as lace headbands, lace veils and lace wedding ring pilows.


Have Your Say

We can create the dress of your dreams based on your pictures or drawings. Alternatively, you can “base” your design on our dresses and pick features from different ones to create your own. The fabric for the lining of your lovely bespoke wedding gown is also chosen by you. 


Bespoke Veils

Our veils are made of French tulle and the edges are adorned with our Josephina Lace. As for their length, they can be whatever you decide. Our brides usually request sizes that extend from the waist up to 5 metres-long!  



Our dresses are made a little larger than necessary and then adjusted nearer the wedding date, just in case the bride’s weight has changed, or the flower bearers or bridesmaids have grown.


We will keep you updated all the way through the process.  

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