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White Cotton Sheets Hand Embroidered Set 4 PCs Queen Size

From:  £75.50

White Lace Table Runner Handmade  L161cm x W47cm

£85.95   £64.50

White Lace Table Runner Handmade L190cm x W37cm

£85.95   £64.50

2 Hand Embroidered Pillowcase with Lace Edge


Pure Linen Table Runners

From:  £9.60

Round White Lace Placemats Handmade (or Tray Cloth)

£29.95   £23.50

Full  Handmade Lace Table Cloth 43cm x 41cm

£29.50   £22.50

White  Full  Handmade Lace  Placemat (or Tray Cloth)

£29.50   £22.50

White Full Handmade Lace  Placemat (or Tray Cloth)

£29.50   £22.50

White Handmade Lace Placemat (or Tray Cloth)

£29.50   £22.50

Beautiful Lace Wedding Ring Cushion

£25.50   £21.20

Handmade Lace Wedding Ring Cushion Square

£25.00   £21.20

Beautiful Wedding Ring Pillow Round Handmade

£16.95   £14.50

White Lace Wedding Favour Holders Handmade


White Handmade Lace Toilet Roll Organiser


Floral White Handmade Vintage Lace  Doilies


Lace Cutlery Sleeves for Weddings


Peach Linen Hand Hemstitched Napkin


White Cotton Handmade  Lace  Napkins


White Hand Hemstitched Linen Napkin


White Handmade Vintage Lace Doilies


White Hemstitched Linen Placemats


White Handmade Lace Napkin Rings



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White Lace Table Runners & Linen Placemats & Napkins

There are many quotes about the meaning of “home”:


“Home, sweet home”;

“Home is where the heart is”;

“There’s no place like home”;

“Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”;

“Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms” - William J. Bennett; “Home is where one starts from” – T.S. Eliot; 

“Life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home”;

“The best journey takes you home”;

“No matter who you are or where you are, instinct tells you to go home” - Laura Marney;

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”... to mention just a few


Home is also synonymous with “love”, “family”, “comfort”, “well-being”, “safety and peace of mind.” Home also depicts the social standard of its households, their way of living and tastes (for art and decor, for instance). Then again, home is where small children feel happy, safe and warm. And finally, home is where families and friends meet to celebrate happy moments. Thinking about these kinds of “homes” and the people who live in them Josephina Lace derives inspiration from to create beautiful items for your “home”, such as white lace tablecloths, white lace table runners, linen placemats and napkins, white lace cushion covers, white embroidered pillowcases, lace cutlery sleeves & lace napkin rings. 


We also take orders from hotels, restaurants, and wedding planners to make their items by measurements in the way they like them to be.