Lace Face Masks

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Lace Face Mask UK 100% Cotton


Lace Face Mask UK 100% Cotton Washable


White Lace Face Mask Handmade


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Stylish Handmade Lace Face Masks UK

Unique Stylish Handmade Lace Face Masks to Finish Off Your Wedding Look (you can find other colours as well, one to coordinate with your everyday outfit)



1) These masks are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and should not be used as a replacement for compliant PPE, social distancing, good hygiene, and other health practices outlined in government COVID-19 guidelines.


2) These face masks are not suitable for children


3) You should wash your face mask with soap and hot water before using it. They are machine washable at 60 degrees celsius, however, due to the handmade lace, I would suggest putting them in a washing bag or soak them in boiling water and rinse by hand once the water has gone cold.   


4) If you have any doubt about these homemade face covering masks, please check the Gov.UK website (Cabinet Office) as it has an update as for 23 July 2020 on these types of face coverings, their safety, usage, how to make them and so on.  


5) As these masks are placed over your nose and mouth, they are not suitable for someone with allergies, people with restricted breathing e.g. asthma sufferers. 


Care Instructions:  

These face masks are made from 100% cotton, therefore they are machine washable. However, due to the fact that they are covered by handmade lace I suggest you place them in a bag before washing in the machine. Alternatively, you can soak your mask(s) in boiling water and rinse by hand when the water is cold


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