Our Values


At Josephina Lace we strive for a set of cemented core values: honesty, reliability, empahty, passion...




Collaboration: we are open for and value any kind of fair cooperation & collaboration

Fairness: we are committed to treat fairly both suppliers and customers

Respect: we respect both suppliers and customers


Quality: we do what we know best! 


Most of our products are handmade, slowly, by women - mothers and grandmothers - in their own homes, in the company of their families. Accordingly, they are imbued with the values of family and home: work conditions are far from the pressure and stress associated with assembly-line production. Our company's interest in supporting the lacemakers to grow as artists and maximize their income is in line with the principles of fair trade. This approach benefits everyone involved, as we also believe that consumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if they feel emotionally or culturally connected to it. It is also important to us to ensure that the quality of our products increases their lifespan. The lace we use, with its firm interlacing made with thread and needle, is long-lasting. Similarly, we use 100% cotton and linen on almost all of our items, which are also durable materials. In addition, we want the value of our products to be multiplied by the number of ways in which they can be used. Josephina Lace’s products are versatile, serving to compose various looks and be worn on many different occasions.