What We Do

At Josephina Lace we do what we know best: we make handmade lace and embroidery. 


Our handmade embroidery and, especially our handmade lace, are used in a great range of items of clothing for babies, small girls, brides, women and the home. 


And why do we still make lace and embroidery by hand in this day and age? Well, simply because it is timeless and beautiful, sophisticated and romantic… Ask the famous fashion designers and they will say the same thing. Now, how many times have you been to a “laceless” wedding or a “laceless” baby christening? We women love lace, and if we can join it with cotton or silk, even better! 



Our lace is made, mainly, by a group of women from the tiny town of Poção, in Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil. Their “art”, which became a passion and then a tradition, has been cultivated and passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Poção is known as the lace capital.


The women behind Josephina Lace are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, divorcees and single mothers - and they all have - Maria Bernadete, Maria Aparecida, Maria do Socorro, Ana Nery, Célia, Michele, Airlane, Marilene, Jacqueline…and many others! They all have one BIG thing in common: they make the most beautiful and delicate Renaissance lace and embroidery for other women, their children and their homes!


Some of the items are fully made by the lacemakers themselves, others are made by our designers and dressmakers using their lace and lace trims to lavishly embellish cotton dresses for women, floral cotton dresses for girls and babies and so on.