Women Cotton Midi Dresses, Cotton Midi Skirts and Cotton Sleeve Blouses 


There are hundreds of words to describe a woman - beautiful, stunning, feminine, loyal, friendly, joyful, lovely, adorable, hard-working, ambitious, enchanting, bright, careful,  inspirational, active, happy, cheerful, gifted, intelligent, sister, mother, grandmother, homemaker, loving, caregiver, caring, giving, kind, generous,attentive, affectionate,  affectionate… The list goes on and on! However, there are some “female intricacies” which are beyond words and cannot be explained. And when choosing their clothes (or shoes and handbags) they can be  cautious, meticulous, thorough, particular, “thinkers”, zealous, careful, clever, bright, creative, cheeky, adventurous, classy, trendy, stylish, playful, perfect, romantic, delicate, confident, powerful… That’s where Josephina Lace comes into the equation of this feminine universe, as our group itself is formed by women, mothers, grandmothers, wives, homemakers…  


At Josephina Lace we appreciate these women’s quest for the best for themselves and for their children (or friends, when they’re purchasing a gift.) Therefore, we design and create pieces of clothing which are not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear, safe and durable. That’s why we use 100% cotton on almost every single item sold on our website! In addition, they are beautifully adorned with our handmade lace, which is made from Egyptian cotton thread.


Last but not least, you will also like the fact that you will be able to pair your delicate feminine pieces of clothing with lovely comfortable leather heels (high or low) along with inseparable everyday leather handbags    


Here are some of the women’s items you can enjoy at Josephina Lace’s website: 


Blue Stripes Sleeved Lace Women Dress, Soft Silhouette Polka Dot Midi Dress Mother Daughter Matching Dress, Pink Floral Maxi Dress Mother Daughter Dress, Peach Cotton Midi Flounce Skirt, Soft Grey Lace Trimmed Flounce Midi Skirt, Black and White Polka Dot Midi Skirt, White Lace Flounce Midi Skirt, White and Black Polka Dot Flounce Midi Skirt, Coverage White Lace Top, Soft Beige Lace Trim Cotton Blouse, Puff White Long Sleeve Lace Top, White Long Sleeve Lace Blouse, Snake Print Sandal Heels, Gold Lace Open Toe Heels, Night Sky Black Women Handbag, Leather Bowling Red Women Handbag, jut to mention a few!